Practical info researchED Nederland 2020

On this page, you’ll find all practical information about the 5th edition of researchED Netherlands.

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Mooie leestips ontvangen van Monique Marrevekd #didactiefonline Gelachen en ‘bang’ gemaakt voor ‘The dark side’ bij @thebandb en nu in afwachting van meer info over #closereading van Liz Bunte #redned20

@mathsmrgordon @olicav Thank you for sharing! I saw @olicav at #rEDned20 yesterday and I will take this translation to maths specifically with me to share with colleagues tomorrow. Hoping they want to make scripts and flowsprays with me 😊

Ik was er bij op ResearchED 2020 en keek erg uit naar de lezing "Leesbegip in beeld" van Scheltinga en Keuning, . Lees hier mijn impressie!

Het boek ‘werk maken van gelijke kansen’ van Monique Volman en Linda van den Bergh is vanaf nu te downloaden op #redned20

Het boek ‘werk maken van gelijke kansen’ van Monique Volman en Linda van den Bergh is vanaf nu te downloaden op #redned20

Hier de volledige 6 presentaties van Wijze Lessen @P_A_Kirschner @ProfDanielMuijs @timsurma @dmasluijsmans @camp_gino @krvanhoyweghen op #redned20

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Registratie & Opening in the church

Please note: The registration & opening of the event will not be at Corlaer College, but at the church next to it called “De Fontein.”

The doors open at 8:45 am. You’ll have time to register, pick up a programme booklet, and get a cup of coffee or tea before the day begins. The programme starts at 9:30 with a welcome from Tom Bennett and Jan Tishauser. Since the Keynote starting at 9:45 will be in Dutch, we have an English alternative:

You can come to the Auditorium (220) at 9:55 to view a (pre-recorded) keynote from Dylan Wiliam where he discusses how research can be useful for education.

Late registration

If you arrive after 10:25, you can register in the Corlaer College building.

Sessions 2-7

The rest of the sessions will take place at Corlaer College at the following address:

Henri Nouwenstraat 8, 3863 HV Nijkerk

At this location, you can pick up a goodie bag. This contains Didactief magazine, a notebook, pen, etc.

Please note: Due to an event happening in the late-afternoon, it is not possible to park at the church.


This year, we unfortunately don’t have a supervised coat-check. That’s because researchED Nederland has grown substantially this year! We’re very happy about this, but that means we are taking alternative action because we cannot provide everything in one building this year. That’s why we have the opening in ‘De Fontein’ church, and the lunch in Corlaer’s VMBO building. Since you’ll need to walk outside for short stretches, you’ll definitely need your jacket with you on 11th January, and it’s not possible for us to provide a coat check as such. That’s why we’ve come up with the following plan:

Opening in the church

During the opening, you can hang your jacket on the back of your chair.

Sessions – Corlaer College (Havo-atheneum building)

In the school, there will be various places where you can hang up your coat/jacket. There are coat hooks in various places throughout the school, and there will be extra coat racks near the session rooms. Please remember where you hang your jacket.

Lunch (VMBO building)

It is approximately a 1.5 minute walk between the two Corlaer buildings. In the VMBO building is where lunch will be served. If you would like to wear a jacket to get to the VMBO building for lunch, we recommend hanging up your jacket near the main entrance.

Lost & Found

At reception, next to the main entrance, we will have a lost and found. If you’ve lost something or found something that isn’t yours, please bring it to this area.


Attn: the registration & opening will NOT take place at Corlaer College. The location for the opening is in the church next to Corlaer, called “De Fontein.”

The keynote by Monique Volman will be in Dutch.

Alternatively, you can come to the Auditorium (room 220) to view a (pre-recorded) opening keynote from Dylan Wiliam where he discusses how research can be useful for education.

The address for ‘De Fontein’ church is:

The rest of the sessions will take place at Corlaer College havo- en atheneumgebouw, which is approximately a 5-minute walk. The lunch will be in the VMBO building.

Address Corlaer College: Henri Nouwenstraat 8, 3863 HV Nijkerk

Timetable: [ddownload id=”13731″]

How the day works

You choose the sessions you want to see using the timetable provided. Each session is 40 minutes long. The sessions are first-come, first-served with no pre-registration.

Timetable download: [ddownload id=”13731″]


We ask that speakers and attendees are self-regulating on the day. Please move quickly from session to session to make sure sessions don’t run too long or start too late. In our experience, people in education are good at listening to the hypothetical bell…

Active on Twitter?

Use hashtag #rEDNed20


Corlaer College has plenty of parking at and around the school (please see map below). Students from the school will be available to help you find parking.

Please note: Due to another event later in the day, it is not possible to park at the church.


Do you want to know if someone is carpooling to Nijkerk? Then use the new hashtag #carpoolresearchED on Twitter to find someone to carpool with.

Are you driving to Nijkerk and you don’t mind taking someone with you? Tweet the region/city where you live + the total number of available seats in your car. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #carpoolresearchED

#carpoolresearchED 2020, 2 plekken vrij 8:15 vertrek van carpoolplaats Rosmalen. DM als je mee wil rijden. Tot morgen! Zin in!

Wil je weten of het mogelijk is om met iemand samen te carpoolen richting Nijkerk op 11 januari voor #rEDNed20? Gebruik dan de nieuwe hashtag #carpoolresearchED

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Public transportation

Corlaer is also reachable with public transportation. It is approximately 30 minutes from Amersfoort central station. You can get out at the bus stop Corlaer College, Nijkerk.

Click here to go to 9292.

Station Nijkerk –> Corlaer College

Klik hier om naar te gaan.


Attn! Corlaer is a split-level building.

Level 0-1

The main entrance (hoofdingang) is on level 1.

Level 2-3

Domein 4 is on level 3.

The Meet-up point is on level 3, Domein 5.


Lunch will be at the vmbo-building. This is approximately a 1.5 minute walk from the main building.

If you’ve ordered a lunch, it will show on your name badge. We recommend bringing your lunch ticket with you just in case (digital or paper). There will be clear signage of where you can pick up your lunch. The lunch will be in bags and the drinks will be available on a different table.

After lunch, we kindly ask that you throw away your empty bag. That way we can keep the school as tidy as possible.

Afternoon break

During the afternoon, we will serve coffee and tea. In the floorplan below, the coffee & tea areas are shown with a red cup.

*Tip: think about the environment and bring a re-usable cup with you.

Meeting point

Wil je met iemand afspreken tijdens het evenement, maar niet elkaar hoeven zoeken tussen 600 mensen? Tweet dan naar elkaar dat je naar het Twitter meeting point komt. Hier is genoeg ruimte om te netwerken, maar ook om nieuwe mensen te leren kennen. Gebruik hiervoor ook de #MeetUprED20

5 year anniversary

As you may already know, this is the 5th edition of researchED in the Netherlands. We think that’s cause for celebration. After the closing, we’d like to invite you to a network drink. We will also hold a draw for prizes. A link to the contest can be found in your programme booklet. There’s an online form with a short quiz to enter the contest. You can win researchED books, or a ticket to a researchED event.

RSVP for the network drink

To estimate how many people will stay for the network drink, we ask that you please fill in the RSVP form below.


The building and school grounds are smoke-free.  

Please keep the ground free of cigarette butts. We thank you for your cooperation!