How to digitally teach what you preach

Nives Kreuh


The presentation will focus on integrating information literacy and digital didactics in Methodological Practice courses. It will build on constructive alignment, showing how to integrate (or add) digital literacy in designing the learning outcomes, activities, and assessment in the course content, describing indicators that can be used in the testing framework. The examples will focus on Modern Foreign Languages but are transferrable to other professional fields.


Docent Engels
Institute Archimedes

I am currently a teacher trainer, teaching Methodology and Research courses in the Bachelor and Master programmes at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Institute Archimedes. I am the product manager for Methodology and Research courses, a member of the innovation team designing the new programmes and also an expert in digital didactics, responsible for curriculum, integrating digital didactics and information literacy in the new programmes for teaching languages.
While living and working in Slovenia, I was leading the national research, strategy planning, and implementation of curricula in the field of digital education and the use of digital technology in education.

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