Educationalist, Author, Writer, Consultant, Orator, Liberal Artist
Trivium 21C

Martin Robinson

A teacher with 20 years experience of working in State schools in London, Martin was an Advanced Skills Teacher, Head of Department, Head of Faculty and an Assistant Head Teacher. Martin is interested in developing Teaching and Learning by building on the tradition of grammar, dialectic and rhetoric. Martin is currently working on two more books, more will be revealed soon!

Expertise: Educationalist, Author, Writer, Consultant, Orator, Liberal Artist



Curriculum conversations – how staff can cooperate and co-design the curriculum to improve pupil understanding of the subjects they are studying. Introducing the ‘Curriculum Wheel’ a process for curriculum thinking, design and review to improve curricula and staff and pupil involvement.



This session examines whether a ‘knowledge rich curriculum’ is a meaningful idea and addressing questions such as whose knowledge, what knowledge, and why? The session will explore whether schools have the confidence and ability to justify the curriculum choices they have made, with the backdrop of high stakes accountability, identity politics entering the realm of curriculum choices, and an input/output model of learning gaining ground in many classrooms


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