Institute of Educational Management (University of Mons)

Christophe Baco

Christophe Baco is a primary school teacher. He is also a student enrolled in the Master’s degree in Educational Sciences at the University of Mons. He is participating in a research project on the training needs of cooperating teachers. He works also on the implementation of explicit teaching in partnership with the Institute of Educational Management of the University of Mons.


Expertise: Primary School and Educational Management




In French-speaking Belgium, teachers enjoy full freedom in terms of the educational approach. They must follow curricula, but they are at liberty to choose the teaching methods and approaches to help their students in their academic achievements. Nevertheless, the variety of approaches is rather large, and teachers are not trained to make pedagogical choices based on evidence-based data.
In this proposal, we suggest presenting a tool developed by our team, which analyzes teachers’ practices. This tool was created after a review of scientific literature on effective teaching methods and approaches and focuses on explicit instruction. This tool enables teachers to analyze their practices based on the scientific literature on effective teaching practices. We also suggest showing some results observed using this tool during teacher education with future secondary school teachers.

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