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Tom Bennett

Tom Bennett is the founder of researchED, a grass-roots organisation that raises research literacy in education. Since 2013 researchED has visited three continents and six countries, attracting thousands of followers. In 2015 he became the UK government’s school ‘Behaviour Czar’, advising on behaviour policy. He has written four books about teacher training, and in 2015 he was long listed as one of the world’s top teachers in the GEMS Global Teacher Prize. In the same year he made the Huffington Post’s ‘Top Ten Global Bloggers’ list. His online resources have been viewed over 1,200,000 times. He currently lives in London where he keeps bees and solves crimes that Scotland yard can’t crack.

Bennett was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2022 New Year Honours for services to education.

Bennett wrote the book Running the Room and a few other educational publishings.

Expertise: Evidence-informed onderwijs



Good behaviour is the beginning of great learning. All children deserve classrooms that are calm, safe spaces where everyone is treated with dignity. Creating that space is one of the most important things a teacher needs to be able to do. In this session Tom Bennett discusses the habits and strategies of the most successful classroom practitioners.


In this session Tom will outline the most effective strategies that schools (and classrooms) utilised in order to create safe, calm and nurturing environments were students and staff could all flourish. Behaviour is closely connected to the classroom culture, and the school leaders need to be the conscious architects of that culture. When this happens, everything is possible. Until it does, very little is.


Tom describes the growth of researchED and how teachers can transform the profession from the ground up by engaging with research methods.

A word from Tom Bennett:

It’s been an extraordinary year for researchED. We took the concept to New York, Sydney, and watched as it started to grow in new climates. And now, we’ve come together for our first conference in Amsterdam. I can’t tell you how proud this makes me; by that I mean proud of everyone who makes researchED happen: the volunteers, the speakers, the hosts, the sponsors and the attendees. researchED is a symptom of something more than just itself; it represents a new appetite from educators to empower themselves, and transform the way they learn about their own craft. It also represents a new model of teacher training, and I for one am thrilled to see where this is going. This conference reflects our aims: raising research literacy and driving new models of professional development. This conference also represents researchED growing internationally we’re proud that the Netherlands has joined us in what should really be a global conversation. I hope you have a fantastic day, and I hope it helps you have a few fantastic days because of it.

Tom Bennett Founder researchED

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