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    Video: Making Kids Cleverer: A manifesto for closing the advantage gap

    Arnhem/Nijmegen 2020

    Video: Interview 11 januari 2020

    Nederland 2020

    Video: Keynote sessie 10 januari 2020

    Nederland 2020


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    Making Kids Cleverer: A manifesto for closing the advantage gap

    It is an uncomfortable fact that the factor most likely to influence student’s academic outcomes is their socio-economic profile. Added to this, school systems tend to be systematically (although unintentionally) biased in favour of more advantaged children meaning that children from less advantaged backgrounds find it harder to tap into what schools offer. It doesn’t have to be this way. Research into intelligence and IQ reveals that the more intelligent an individual is, the more likely they are to be happy, healthy, safe and financially secure. If schools can do more to raise children’s intelligence – thereby increasing the likelihood that they live happy, productive lives – then of course they should. One straightforward way to increase intelligence is to ensure the all children know more. No one can think about something they don’t know and the more you know about a subject, the more interesting the thoughts you can have about it. Arguably the most important difference between students is the quantity and quality of what they know and this talk will explore how knowledge improves thought and various ways that schools and teachers can improve all students’ intellectual capabilities.

    What teachers need to know about classroom culture and social norms

    One way to improve students’ behaviour is to understand and make use of some of the findings from social psychology about the ways in which people respond to social norms. This session will explore some of ways in which ‘normative messages’ can either unwittingly communicate negative messages or be explicitly harnessed to communicate more positive messages.


    The author of several books on education, David Didau is a prominent and often provocative commentator on social media. David taught in English schools for 15 years before becoming a full-time writer, speaker and consultant. His blog, The Learning Spy, is one of the most influential education blogs in the UK, and he has written a series of books that challenge our assumptions such as, What If Everything You Knew About Education Was Wrong?, What Every Teacher Needs To Know About Psychology and Making Kids Cleverer.

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