Poor Proxies for Learning: Looking good isn’t the same as being good

David Didau


Most teachers reckon they know learning when they see it. Trouble is, learning is invisible. All we see are proxies and much of what children do in lessons are poor proxies for learning. This session explores why much of what is commonly enacted in classrooms can, contrary to our intuitions, actually end up undermining learning, and offers some ideas for designing teaching sequences around better proxies.


English Lead, author
Ormiston Academies Trust

David Didau is the English Lead at Ormiston Academies Trust. A prominent, often outspoken commentator on social media, his blog, The Learning Spy, is one of the most influential education blogs in the UK, and he has written a series of books that challenge our assumptions such as Making Kids Cleverer, Intelligent Accountability and Making Meaning in English.

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Translated in Dutch (by Jan Tishauser):

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