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Eva Hartell

Researcher, Haninge municipality/ KTH Royal Institute of Technology.



Comparative judgment – [digital] facilitator of affordances for teachers’ assessment practices

How does my standards stand this year compared to last year and how do they compare to my colleagues? Do I grade boys and girls work differently? Are all criteria equally important? What does criteria for success look like and do we share a common understanding of these? These are questions that many schools struggle with. Comparative judgment is an alternative method for assessing competences and performances as well as unpacking teachers’ assessement practices, resulting in a collective professional consensus with high reliability. Facilitated by digital tools providing promising results on how to increase affordances for teachers’ assessment practices. Dr Eva Hartell will summarise research, and elaborate on the practical use of comparative judgement mainly for formative purposes.


Dr Eva Hartell is an experienced STEM teacher and holds a PhD in the area of classroom assessment. Her doctoral thesis concluded that affordance for teachers’ assessment practices must be increased. She has been very fortunate to work together with teachers, schools, and municipalities conducting practice-based research during her doctoral studies and afterwards as well in Sweden and internationally. She is currently working with research and development, in the municipality of Haninge and at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, in Sweden. Her interest is to develop instruction in order to bridge teaching and learning in K–12 STEM classrooms.


Comparative judgement

Eva will present comparative judgement and findings from an ongoing international comparative study focusing on unpacking teachers’ assessment practices in USA, UK and Sweden.

Assidere Necesse Est- Necessities and complexities regarding teachers’ assessment practices

Eva will summarize her research focused on investigating STEM teachers’ assessment practices, and provide practical examples on how to embed formative assessment in teaching and learning STEM subjects.


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