Jan Tishauser

Programma manager, researchED Nederland



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Closing the Gap: How research can help us to understand the relationship between teaching and learning.

Teachers will be reluctant to engage in educational research that does not answer the questions they encounter in their daily practice. Teachers become experts on the basis of their own experience and reflection. This means that research must be able to add something that does not come from experience and reflection. Ultimately, educational research should tell us what the relationship is between how we teach and what our students learn. In 2004, the year of his death, Graham Nuthall wrote a comprehensive, critical review of the state of educational research. He described a research practice that can effectively contribute to the teaching practice. In this session, Jan Tishauser will reflect on these ideal research practices on the basis of our current reality and will explore with you what we can do to further bridge the gap between research and practice.

Learning or Performance?

School is the place where we send our children to learn but the only means we have to establish whether learning has taken place are tests and assessments. We might overlook the fact that a test measures performance at a given moment; it doesn’t necessarily indicate that learning has happened. Our reliance on test results can bring about a situation wherein students, parents and schools are overly focused on performance. This can actually harm learning. Jan Tishauser discusses this problem and suggests how we might resolve it.


Jan Tishauser heeft een grote belangstelling voor de individuele factoren die leiden tot het met succes uitoefenen van het leraarschap en de mogelijkheden voor individuele docenten om tot professionele groei te komen. Zijn diepere motivatie ontleent hij aan zijn overtuiging, dat elk kind altijd recht heeft op een professionele docent en het beste onderwijs.

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