Memory and Meaning

Oliver Caviglioli


Starting with Baddeley’s memory model that integrates Ebbinghaus’ habits for retrieval with Barlett’s linking of memory to schema, the focus moves to the impact of organising information. Reif’s hierarchy of knowledge structures is examined and then linked to the hierarchies within which individual words can be identified — and the role that has in encoding and retrieval.

Stories and activities embellish the concepts.

Information Designer

Oliver was a special school head teacher for a decade before becoming a trainer and author. During his decades in special schools he learned the behavioural analysis taught by educational psychologists and used the design education he received at home from his architect father, to create a range of visual teaching strategies. He has continued this pursuit by becoming an information designer and helping authors gain a wider readership through illustration and book design. His own book — Dual Coding With Teachers — was praised by professor Paul Kirschner as being “a monumental work”. It’s certainly different and represents his quest to ‘magazinify’ educational books.

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