Organise Ideas: Word-Diagrams understood through the lens of the Extended Mind

Oliver Caviglioli


Until recently, organisation was considered to be a lower-order skill. Cognitive scientists, Fiorella and Mayer, place it at the centre of their model of learning. This presentation explains why ‘word-diagrams’ (aka graphic organisers) are one of the best ways to organise ideas for teaching and understanding. During the course of this explanation, you all also learn about the Extended Mind and catch up on related Cognitive Load Theory developments.

Information Designer

Oliver was a special school head teacher for a decade before becoming a trainer and author. During his decades in special schools he learned the behavioural analysis taught by educational psychologists and used the design education he received at home from his architect father, to create a range of visual teaching strategies. He has continued this pursuit by becoming an information designer and helping authors gain a wider readership through illustration and book design. His own book — Dual Coding With Teachers — was praised by professor Paul Kirschner as being “a monumental work”. It’s certainly different and represents his quest to ‘magazinify’ educational books.

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