Teachers as researchers and the role of research: Experiences from Norwegian schools

Elaine Munthe


The concept of «teacher as researcher” is several decades old, but creating school cultures and practices that enable teachers to really study and investigate their practices in systematic ways is still not common. In this session, I will present results from schools in Norway that have continuously worked on how to strengthen their culture of research, developing both principals’ and teachers’ skills, practices and the use of research literature. My emphasis will be on processes and experiences from using Lesson Study as a vehicle for school development. Questions I will address are: (1) Why have schools wanted to strengthen their research literacy and research skills? (2) What are the key elements of “teacher as researcher” that are difficult? (3) How have schools been able to maintain focus for more than 10 years? And (4) What role does teacher education and mentoring novice teachers play?

Knowledge Centre for Education, University of Stavanger

Elaine Munthe is professor of Education and Director of the Knowledge Center for Education, University of Stavanger, Norway. Her research spans from bullying in schools, classroom research, qualifying for professional practice, teacher education research, and systematic reviews of research for the whole education sector (from ECEC – higher ed). She introduced Lesson Study in Norway, working closely with schools creating cultures for systematic inquiry since 2008. Munthe has led Boards for educational research at the Research Council Norway for twelve years, and has led several research projects related to teachers, teaching & learning, and teacher education.

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